The Creator’s Project








I was particularly excited by the technology and its non-traditional display. Do you mind explaining the techniques behind the computation?

Adrien Mondot (AM): We have developed a softwareósince 2006óabout the motion of objects, based on physics models. I am a juggler, was a juggler. I still juggle… Sometimes. I was inspired the way a ball moves in air, how when an object has mass you can apply certain forces to it. So, I developed a software called eMotionówhich you can download on our website. The purpose of this project is to construct interaction between virtual objects and real data…

Claire Bardainne (CB): And to create interaction we use sensors, graphic tablets, and controllers to manipulate the images while observing the dancers. So, itís like a puppetry, a digital puppetry.

(text and selection by Emma Kate Matthews)

The Creator’s Project

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